Hans Stoltenberg Lerche

Blown glass vase with applied and integrated elements in multicolour glass depicting marine motifs

Hans Stoltenberg Lerche arrived on the Murano glassmaking scene in 1911 when he began frequenting the Fratelli Toso furnace. That year and the next he turned his hand to creating a series of works that differed radically from what had been produced in Venice until then. Hans St. Lerche' glass is thick and heavily included with coloured patterns, and yet fluid, due t the artist's previous working of ceramic. He almost perverted the old tradition of Murano glass tradition by adding Bohemian structure to his works, which he filled with Nordic nightmare figures like ogres, ungodly animals and bizarre stripes and veins.

Previously unpublished

Hans Stoltenberg Lerche
c. 1912
Made by
Fratelli Toso
41 cm