Napoleone Martinuzzi

Succulent plant with vase, streaked past vitrea

Napoleone Martinuzzi’s work at Venini came to an end at the start of 1932. A few months later, he opened a furnace of his own together with Engineer Francesco Zecchin. Here he was able to rely on the contribution of two master glassblowers of the highest level: Otello Nason and a very young Alfredo Barbini, who had already demonstrated extraordinary skills in execution. Production continued developing the themes dear to Martinuzzi: large vases and bowls of sculpted form, stylized figurines, and naturally enough, succulent plants. The particularity of these productions of Novecento imprint – as in this cactus with vase – is their use of new materials: highly original pasta vitrea in unprecedented colours adorned by gold and silver leaf with light superficial iridisation.

Previously unpublished.

Napoleone Martinuzzi
c. 1932
Made by
40 cm