Antonio Donghi

Gli amanti alla stazione (o La partenza)

This painting by Donghi was shown for the first time at the 2nd Rome Quadriennale of National Art in 1935 entitled La partenza, along with another twenty-one canvases. The title Gli amanti alla stazione appeared for the first time in a letter Donghi sent to Ugo Ojetti in 1934: “Mr. Ojetti, please find enclosed photos of a group of paintings; only the two most recent are missing because I have not yet varnished them: Gli amanti alla stazione and a bather drying himself nearby under a tree. I’m currently preparing a very complicated painting that recalls a theatre where a woman is singing with three members of the orchestra below her [song]. This year I need to produce a great many things and I will take every measure possible to ensure I do so well.”


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Antonio Donghi
Oil on canvas. Signed “Antonio Donghi 33” (lower right).
116×67 cm