Fulvio Bianconi

“Scozzese” (Scottish) vase with overlapping polychrome bands

Fantasia allo stato puro, libera da schemi, in un trionfo di colori primari sovrapposti con grande maestria.
– Franco Deboni

“Scozzese” (Scottish) vase with overlapping polychrome bands

Following his success with pezzato glass vases, Bianconi developed other patterns based on a similar but much more complex technique that allowed him to obtain even more spectacular chromatic effects: a very limited series of vases with overlapping polychrome bands blown inside geometrically-shaped wooden moulds. While forcing the glass, this technique yielded almost perfectly flat walls that enhanced the fulsomeness of the abstract and polychromatic decor.

In admiring Bianconi’s shapes and geometric patterns, the critic Rossana Bossaglia devoted extra attention to “the skilful colour contrasts, the glimmer of transparency between opaque tesserae and the movement of chromatic effects similar to brushstrokes.”

Previously unpublished

Fulvio Bianconi
c. 1954
Made by
27 cm