Fulvio Bianconi

“A macchie” glass vase in thick clear glass with inclusion of abstract polychrome patterns and iridised surface

From the 1930s to the 70s, the Venice Biennale dedicated an entire pavilion to decorative arts where creations taken straight from Murano’s glass furnaces were displayed. Bianconi played a key role in this event of international dimension, presenting a few pieces he had done for Venini.

The artist designed and supervised the making of blown glass with the application of pictorial elements in search of autonomous expression. The creative process was described by Rossana Bossaglia as a stylistic identification of the item of daily use or decor with the work of art. In order to acquire legitimacy, every element of decor must be endowed with features similar to those of a work of major art.


Marino Barovier (editor), Fulvio Bianconi alla Venini, Skira - Le Stanze del Vetro - Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Milan - Venice 2015, exhibition catalogue (Venice, Le Stanze del Vetro, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, September 13, 2015 – January 10, 2016), page 118.

Fulvio Bianconi
c. 1950
Made by
22.5 cm