Fulvio Bianconi

“A macchie” glass series vase in clear glass with inclusion of abstract black glass patterns and lightly iridised surface

In the 1950 Venice Biennale catalogue, Secretary Giuseppe Dell’Oro expressed the wish that the event would help all decorative arts typical of Venice recover lost ground and stimulate artists to produce and work together with craftsmen. Fulvio Bianconi heeded the message perfectly and presented the event with his series of “a macchie” vases thanks to assistance from Venini’s best glassmakers.
This blown glass had simple forms with the application of apparently casual abstract decor. In the opinion of critic Patrick Mauriès, it is in this that artist’s stylistic signature lies. “(It is) a work made under the banner of expectancy and chance” that begins with an idea and achieves a final unexpected, nearly improvised result with inexhaustible attraction and remarkable aesthetic value.


Franco Deboni, Murano ’900. Vetri e vetrai, Bocca, Milan 1996, page 296, fig. 212.

Fulvio Bianconi
c. 1950
Made by
21 cm