Fulvio Bianconi

“Fazzoletto” (handkerchief shaped) glass vase in alternating zanfirico glass rods with asymmetric tips

During the 30s, a cartoccio glass was considered a simple container in an irregular shape obtained by folding a sheet of hot glass. Bianconi’s a fazzoletto idea went even further by adding colours and heterogeneous materials that made the object come alive and tremble with all the movement of molten glass.

Bianconi exhibited his objects – often unique pieces – at several solo shows. Mario Valsecchi emphasized the surrealist nature of these works in their bizarre forms and mixtures of glass paste and techniques that exploited every possibility that glass material could offer. “Bianconi has the wonderful gift of being able to amaze, himself first of all, with these flowerings of fantasy, and ends up getting swept away by his cheerfulness in the direction of new invention.”

Previously unpublished

Fulvio Bianconi
c. 1949-50
Made by
17 cm