Ercole Barovier

Pigeon in Primavera glass with black glass finish

La poetica semplicità di un uccello immaginario, eseguito con una materia a sua volta immaginaria, unica, irripetibile.
– Franco Deboni

Pigeon in Primavera glass with black glass finish

At the 1930 Venice Bienniale, Fratelli Barovier presented a series of glass items in an unusual milk-like type of glass with a texture that recalled ceramic crackles (craquelé). A pigeon figurine with feet and details in black pasta vitrea entitled Primavera was particularly worthy of note. The critics immediately acclaimed the series of wares, and photos of the pigeon appeared in the leading art magazine, and before long the name Primavera was extended beyond the individual piece to refer to the strange new type of glass used to make it.

This was one of the first extraordinary products of the lively imagination of Ercole Barovier, the creator of thousands of pieces made using hundreds of different techniques. His primary source of inspiration in making artistic glass was the furnace. The artist must assist the glassblower constantly, who is held to the faithful execution of not only the artist’s design but above all his deepest and truest intention, a process that describes the essence of Murano glassmaking art to perfection.

Previously unpublished

Ercole Barovier
c. 1930
Made by
Vetreria Artistica Barovier
29 cm.