Napoleone Martinuzzi

Amphora with two handles in pulegoso glass with light superficial iridisation

Marinuzzi’s new vetri pulegosi won clamorous success from the public at the 1928 Venice Bienniale despite being openly opposed by the more traditional critics. Along with the vase known as “del Vittoriale”, the two-handled amphora is one of the most famous pieces in the series and is distinguished from the others by its light superficial iridisation.

La Casa bella magazine praised Napoleone Martinuzzi’s glassware in 1928: “Further praise for Venini glassware is unnecessary; products of the creative whim of Vittorio Zecchin’s sense of aristocratic simplicity have found in Napoleone Martinuzzi a successor to this recent magnificent tradition whose original touches are worthy of every attention.”


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Napoleone Martinuzzi
c. 1928
Made by
43 cm