The Foundation’s

The enduring desire of Francesco Carraro was to create a Foundation for the preservation of his Collection and display it to his aesthetic and cultural convictions. His intention was to present in a public place the cadenced dialogue between the works and objects formerly reserved to the privacy of his home.

Following the establishment of the Foundation, an agreement that dedicated two rooms to the collection on the upstairs floor was reached with Galleria di Arte Moderna Ca’ Pesaro di Venezia. The layout that offers this unique collection to the public testifies to the vision and taste of Francesco and Chiara Carraro.

Shortly after the inauguration of collection, the Foundation published the catalogue by working closely with the Museum. Special attention was dedicated to educational programs and  setting up study grants with international museums, universities, and fine arts academies to explore relationships between different forms of artistic expression, many of which are well represented by works in  the Collection of the most significant names in early Italian Novecento art. 

Board of the Foundation

  1. Enrico Carraro


  2. Giulio Alessandri

    Board Member

  3. Barbara Carraro

    Board Member

  4. Enrico Gomiero

    Board Member

  5. Nina Alessandri

    Board Member